Age has a way of changing us…outside and in. The outside changes are obvious…skin sags, wrinkles develop, and our hair changes color. Baby-Boomers are a huge marketing group for all things aging.  Buy a new wrinkle cream, dark spot reducer or pill that promises to reduce belly fat. I wonder, sometimes, if all that focus is misplaced. The products that I want are nowhere to be found.

A pill to make me smaller and a pill to make me larger

Alice and WThere Should Be a Pill for That....pngonderland understood this concept in 1865 – why has this not been developed?  I have favorite clothing in sizes 8-16.  I’d like a pill to change sizes at will so I can fit in my clothes as the mood strikes as opposed to my prevailing hip-to-bust ratio. You may ask “why don’t you just tailor the clothes to fit your current size?” I’d have to have a tailor on staff since my body changes size weekly – daily at times since menopause came calling.

Glasses that auto-focus

My eyesight is the bane of my existence. I use ‘readers on for grading papers, working on the computer, and anything else that requires me to see close up. I have to take them off to see anything distant – like my students’ faces. If they are close enough for me to see them with my readers, it’s time to stop teaching. I have friends that have bifocals and a few crazy ladies that have one contact for close up and one for far away. I tried bifocals – until I realized that I spent most of my time in front of the computer and to read, I had to look down.  I spent a few weeks typing with my chin pointed at the computer and gave them up due to the neck cramp. This is when I learned about trifocals. It seemed kinder to my brain to just keep the readers.  Shouldn’t we be at a point, however, that glasses just know what you’re looking at and focus for you?

Hermione’s Purse

J.K. Rowling had me salivating at the thought of a purse that holds a bookcase but is as light as a travel pillow. My cross-body purse was purchased because it was big enough to carry my cell phone and wallet and small enough that I didn’t have to go digging through it to find anything…which I still do…daily. The minute I added lipstick, lotion and a pen, all of the items started fraternizing and making miscellaneous items that clog up the whole system. I have a special pocket to carry my keys but they always seem to migrate back to the main compartment – requiring me to dump everything out every time I need to drive…this explains why I love being the passenger. I want a purse that allows me to carry a car battery (just in case I need one) and a spare tire but not throw out my back.

Nano-bots that clean your teeth

I watched a movie once that showed tiny little machines that could eat an entire Navy ship. After having suffered through a deep cleaning a few years ago, I’m willing to swallow a whole bunch of microcomputers that are programmed to eat tartar and roto-rooter your GI system.  In the end, you would extricate them to the public sewage system and they could clean that out too.  Win-win!

A pill to share experience

I hate watching someone go down a road that I’ve been on before, and know that the outcome will be much different than they expect. Words only go so far. I would love to have a way to share the experience – the emotion, the pain and the disappointment that go beyond what words can describe. In the end, loved ones would still be able to make their own choices but would be much more educated on potential outcomes. Then…instead of fighting to not say, “I told you so”…you would fight to not say, “I showed you so…”

So that’s my list.  What would you like to see out there to make life easier? And..if you have found a wrinkle cream and dark spot eraser that actually works…I’ll take that info also!



Posted by:Sheri Saretsky

I spent ten years as a single parent of three boys. I then married my wonderful husband and he was inducted into the world of boy raising. Now we get to add my peri-menopause to the mix! Its been a crazy I wouldn't change a minute of....

6 replies on “There Should be a Pill for that…

  1. I want some nanobots, too! I like what yours do, but I think we could train them to clean the house. We could even set up tournaments for them like the knights had in the Middle Ages. Instead of one house going against another, it could be the nanobots against the dust mites!


  2. Auto-focus glasses – sign me up! I finally bought computer glasses, since my triple vision give me neck pain, and they are the best. But I have to remember to take them to work and find them when I work on my home computer, so they have brought on a whole new set of issues. I like your idea of the pill to share experiences, too. “I showed you so” is so much sweeter than “I told you so,” which no one wants to hear ever.

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      1. One of my best investments has been computer glasses. taking the reader part out of my bifocals and inserting computer distance in the bottom. That’s the part that goes in the middle of trifocals which I couldn’t stand. Too many lines to look through. I still have a pair that cost about a million dollars. Hard lesson. But, I got smart. I realized I rarely read anything really close to my face. It’s mostly newspaper or piano key or computer distance. This is also the distance looking for grocery items. And books in the book store. But that’s not all. I loved that so much that I had reading glasses made with the computer distance in them. They’re the best because I never have to lift my chin to see. I just pull them off or down on my nose when not needed for a few moments. I have less headaches and neck aches. I did finally get a pair with the reading distance which I only use in the bed to read. So, I have a purse with four pairs of glasses and it’s worth it. I’m a walking optition. I have bifocal shades, bifocal glasses, computer glasses and reading glasses (which often remain at home by the bed. Woo hoo. I can see again.


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