So…I’m wondering why they call it Menopause when it should be called Meno-irregular or BodyBigger or DiaphoresisOut-of-Control.  I do realize that I’m actually in Peri-menopause which is when the symptoms are at their worst but Dear Lord, with the number of hot flashes I’m having, I should at least be losing water weight! But no…I got on the scale this weekend and realized that my body is once again at odds with me…and apparently trying thttps-motheringmarriageandmenopause.wordpress.como become a Heavy Weight…or potentially a Sumo Wrestler.

I’m back at boot camp in the morning but unfortunately, not every day yet. My work schedule has been a bit crazy for the past month so I’ve been cutting out early most mornings, and not able to go on others. Regardless…as my trainer says…You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet!”  Unless I get my eating under control, I see future trips back to Lane Bryant and although they have delightful plus-sized clothing, I would prefer to stay in the Misses department at JCPenney.

I have been a crazy range of sizes – and have the clothes to prove it. I lost about 60 pounds five years ago.  Apparently, it has been lurking in the closet somewhere since a large part of it has found me!  I have pictures below of me at my heaviest in 2011 and close to my lightest in 2012. On the weight gauge, I’m a bit closer to the left that I would prefer at this point.

So what does all that mean? Barring a serious thyroid disorder, which as much as I would love to hear, I have no other symptoms of, I need to get serious…again…like I did before…but then got distracted. I come from hearty Alabama and Kentucky stock.  I have also been told my whole life that I am Irish…but after seeing the lithe women in Ireland, have accepted that I am more Scottish…or maybe Viking.  Given that fact, however, Vikings are fighters so I will accept the challenge to get back on track.

As we have committed to having people over every week, this does present a little issue as I now need to serve a home cooked meal weekly for guests that may already be at their goal weight. I don’t think I can get by with four Lean Cuisines or a pitcher of protein shakes. My task just got a bit more challenging as my go-to meals may not work right now.  Shepherds Pie? I’m not sure that meat smothered with potatoes, milk and butter will help my cause.   Chicken Marsala?  I’m kind of thinking that anything smothered in wine may also prove to be a bad direction to go in.   I’m also accepting that the Mile High Strawberry Pie that I was planning on making may need to be reworked – “Mile High” anything at this point would most likely equate to “Mile Wide” in my pants size.

So I will need to find tasty foods that can be served to guests that are both palatable, visually appareling and…healthy.  So I put out the call…please share some of your healthy recipes that can be served to guests but not make me fall off the wagon…since we know that I don’t typically fall off but actually jump into the closest vat of ice cream!

While I’m one of those people that believe you should love yourself at any size, I do find myself more comfortable and less distracted by rearranging my clothing when I’m smaller. Since I am going Zip-Lining in November, also, I would like to know that I’m not going to break the line or end up dipping in the water if I bottom out. I will let you know how the journey goes.  I detailed my last weight loss journey in my blog My Life in the Fat Suit so I may spend some time going down memory lane. Hopefully, it will remind me that humor can be found in any struggle and writing material frequently comes from our weaknesses rather than our strengths. It appears that I will not be running out of material any time soon!


Posted by:Sheri Saretsky

I spent ten years as a single parent of three boys. I then married my wonderful husband and he was inducted into the world of boy raising. Now we get to add my peri-menopause to the mix! Its been a crazy I wouldn't change a minute of....

2 replies on “Why is it called Menopause?

  1. Good luck Sheri! My philosophy has always been to eat what I want but smaller servings, so I’m not good on sharing low calorie recipes. I’m not a big fan of low fat because I think healthy fat helps satisfy and make one feel full longer. I do stay out of restaurants and fast food establishments for the most part and find that is a huge help in weight control. And watch the hidden sugar in foods, as that will make you hungry faster than anything. No sugary drinks, including juice is also a way to eliminate empty calories. That’s about all I’ve got and cooking a meal for guests once/week would be too much pressure for me! I like the idea but I’d probably cook lasagna once/week if I was doing that since my creativity in the kitchen flies out the window under pressure.


    1. Thank you for the tips, Molly. I’m an iced tea drinker so no sugary drinks typically but I’m starting to believe in the cortisol/stress weight gain theory! I’ve never been known for my cooking until recently – now it seems to be relaxing me so the weekly dinners are part of my therapy! Thanks for your comment!

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