I am heading into my fourth round of Boot Camp.  This 21 day boot camp is focused on Abs…if you have read any of my earlier posts, you know that my one big issue with my abs is…I don’t have any.  Muscle that is.  None.  I have a gelatinous mass residing under my abdominal skin that for the most part conforms to whatever I wear.  It’s compliant that way…but not in the way that it can actually lift anything…like my legs if I’m laying on my back.  So when Jake started talking about Ab Blast like it was going to be some three week party, I started recognizing his penchant for sarcasm.

Since I have returned to boot camp after my six year, 40 pound hiatus, this has been the biggest boot camp I’ve seen.  It’s packed with women that are either returning after their own break or starting with Jake for the first time.  The energy is palpable – You can’t put that many women together at 5:30am, all jumping, running and lifting, and not feel a certain sense of awe at how different yet similar we all are.  It doesn’t matter what size – everyone has their own vision of where they want to be and they are all huffing, puffing and sweating to get there.  I’m impressed with us as a gender…we are strong, when we put our heart into something.

Most of the week has been similar to the past with a few more ab rotations added in.  I think Jake wanted everyone to come back for week 2 so he didn’t hit us too hard with week one.  This was truly a blessing since I ended up with a small bladder issue early in the week.  Antibiotics knocked it out but I have now confirmed that running, jump squats and anything that vibrates the bladder is not conducive to working out without a restroom if you have a UTI.  Unless of course, you wear depends.   Which I don’t.   Yet.

So onto my actual ab blast – I have had three C-sections so my abs have been sewn up three times horizontally and one additional time vertically when my abdominal muscles split.  My youngest had apparently watched “Alien” in vitro and was trying to rip throughdownload my abdominal wall rather than be delivered the traditional route.  What they thought was a tumor turned out to be his foot.  He hasn’t stopped surprising me yet.

That being said, I’m a total wimp when we do ab exercises.   I’ve gotten a bit better with the single leg crunches and this week, the leg lifts did not kill me on the first round.  The third round is another story.  I did two rounds this weekend just to try to get ahead.  We’ll see if it helps.  Now that everyone is an old pro after one week, I have a feeling that the kid gloves will come off…and I will most likely be unable to walk afterward.  This will all be worth it, however, if I go down a size or can actually see some kind of definition in my mid-section.  There has been no definition there since I was 24 – when I was pregnant with my first son.  This may be tied to the fact that I somehow thought I was delivering a litter.  I was eating for five.  And not five babies – five grown men that had been on a hunger strike.  I gained 75 pounds.  Try not to judge.  I was always an overachiever so when the MD said it was OK to gain a little weight to keep the baby healthy, I went to town.  He was healthy.  So in the end…I think I did my job!

So two more weeks of Ab Blast.  I’m staying hopeful.  As long as I work hard, I know I will have some results.  They may not be earth shattering but anything that gets my flabby abs to be even slightly less flabby, is worth the effort.  If you don’t hear from me again, I’m in the hospital with something ruptured..have a good week!





Posted by:Sheri Saretsky

I spent ten years as a single parent of three boys. I then married my wonderful husband and he was inducted into the world of boy raising. Now we get to add my peri-menopause to the mix! Its been a crazy life...one I wouldn't change a minute of....

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