First, I have to apologize for skipping week Four.  It was not because I was so sore that my fingers wouldn’t work (although sitting has been issue at different points!)  My beloved father decided to have play time with our beloved dog.  It was a great time…until Dad’s hand ended up in Dexter’s mouth.  Let me stress, this was not a dog bite.  Dexter looked just as surprised as my Dad as if to say “Dude…get your hand out of my mouth…dogs get shot for that!”

Dad ended up with a 2 cm gash in his hand.  Again…not a bite.  No corresponding teeth marks – more like a dog scrape.  Can you sense my paranoia?  I love the dog.  I love my father.  I would like to keep them both for another ten years.  From this gash, Dad ended up with cellulitis moving up his arm.   Please also don’t judge my nursing skills.  He left two days after the “incident” and went to Valencia to visit my cousins. Thankfully, my cousin convinced him to go the Urgent Care.  He had dinner plans…it took quite a bit to convince him that choosing between dinner and keeping a limb shouldn’t require this level of persuasion.  He ended up in the hospital for two days. Thus…my distraction from my writing.  He is doing well and the dog keeps his distance.

So…the last two weeks have been eventful.  I am no longer sore everywhere.  Just sore in whatever muscles Jake happens to target each day.  I’ve given up on some areas.  Sore is the new norm.  But it’s a good sore.  Kind of like…It’s hot…but it’s a dry heat.  (Although I always thought…seriously…does it being dry really make it better?).

I also have accepted running.  If I have to leave early to teach, I will run as my last station.  It makes merhino vs hippo feel less wimpy.  I’m still asthmatic and slow, but with the increase muscle mass, I feel more like a rhino running than a hippo.  I ordered a fitbit.  Rebecca has assured me that I will love running after I see the difference on the days that we don’t run.  I trust her.  She can throw a medicine ball hard enough to make it bounce.  I tried it.  It’s like a super power.

If you read my previous posts, you also know about the baby ‘possum. While OppossumJake does not recognize small furry creatures of any sort as being used as an excuse to stop moving, I thought I’d let you make your own decision.  Our ‘possum posed for a pic.  Be assured that I ran all the way to my bag and back twice to get this.  If anything, he influenced me to move faster.  The possum..not Jake.

Jake doesn’t need to be a small, furry tree dweller to get us moving faster.  He does it through his daily “Jakeisms”.  Some of my recent favorites:

“I thought it was Turbo Tuesday but I guess it is Talking Tuesday”

“Start moving your arms…maybe your feet will follow!”

“Build a better Booty…”

and when asked…Has the TRX ever broken?  “I have a story for that  but I’ll tell you after you get done”.

Some of my favorites from the women..

While battling yet another bug…”Kelly puts off Pheromones!”

“Hey – look – you hated running and your in the first group now!” (This was obviously because I started the warm up five minutes early but I loved the encouragement!)

I need to take a recorder with me…I spend half of the time laughing at something only to have my dementia take over when I start to write!

What I can tell you is…I’m hooked.  I love the feeling that I’m getting healthier.  I love the fact that even when I’m working late, I still feel motivated to drag my half-awake butt out of bed to drive to the park.  I’ve missed one day in the past five weeks.   My insomnia was killing me…I had to choose between being awake for boot camp or calling in sick to work.  I’ve called in sick about five times in my entire life.  I don’t go down easy.

I still enjoy all the women.  We have several doing the Gladiator Rock’n’Run today.  Again…super heroes.  I was hoping to go watch but we ended up with other plans this morning.  I did the ROC race at one point…it’s like Gladiator meets Toon Town – not even close to the same thing.

The women continue to encourage each other at 5:30am.  That in itself is pretty amazing.  I never feel judged with my slow, asthmatic running or the fact that I typically have to be shown how to do a new exercise.  We’ve established that I can’t figure out how to put something under my arms, so something like “lay on your back with one knee bent and one leg extended.  Hold a weight over your head.  Pull your leg and bring the weight up while you crunch” is pretty much like German to me.  It seemed like a pretty easy exercise until Jake came and pointed out that I was skipping the “crunch”.  OH…..Ok….now it hurts.  I must be doing it right then!

Thank you ladies that assured me that I did actually have the kettle bell in the correct hand on Friday while we were doing one legged dead lifts.  “Which leg?”  “What arm?”  “Is this right?”  “Wait…let me turn in the direction you are…are you sure?”  I’m sure it strikes fear into some hearts that I am teaching future nurses if I can’t tell my left from my right.  Fortunately, when passing meds, the mouth is dead center.

One more week to go.  Well…and then the rest of the year.  I stopped coming before.  Coming back was torture.  I’m motivated to stick with it purely to avoid having the pain of re-starting again.  I’ll let you know how next week goes.  I will miss our Little Black Dress celebration as I’ll be in a conference but I will look forward to seeing pics of everyone else.  I’m not quite dress ready yet, anyway.  I need to lose 30 pounds to get into Little black dressmy black dress…Here is a pic of it.  I’ll get there…slow and steady…and never looking back.





Posted by:Sheri Saretsky

I spent ten years as a single parent of three boys. I then married my wonderful husband and he was inducted into the world of boy raising. Now we get to add my peri-menopause to the mix! Its been a crazy I wouldn't change a minute of....

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