Week 3 – I’m halfway through the Little Black Dress Challenge.  Three weeks down…three weeks to go.  I didn’t weigh in this week yet so no news to report there.  I do feel better and while I still feel asthmatic and panty while I run, I do have a newfound respect for what my body can do.  I CAN do a wall sit with a weight between my legs for 40 seconds – and I even got to hold the timer this go around since Jake has felt my lack of trust in his timekeeping skills!  What I cannot do, apparently, is count down from five seconds..just as  Zoolander can only turn left, I can only count up.  5…6…7…crap..that’s not right…TIME!

This could be tied to my inability to listen to directions when dealing with the TRX.  Put the straps under your arms..no…under your arms…see where your arms are?  Go under…Hmmmm…let me show you.   What can I say….I’m a visual learner.

I have also been surprised at how many random thoughts hit my head while I’m exercising.  While doing overhead slams with the medicine ball, I was oddly struck with 16b80ff37a0314dd789d4c862709fa21how similar the medicine ball is with Wilson the volleyball from Castaway.  Throw Wilson down…pick Wilson up…throw Wilson down…pick Wilson up…At least I didn’t have to watch Wilson wash away to sea…Nope, he was right there waiting for me each go around – ready to be lifted and slammed again…I think Wilson must have been smarter.

I did have some trouble with my back this week after picking up a box of books from work.  Oddly enough, I can thrust a variety of weights over my head at a park, and can protect my lower back, but when I’m faced with a box of books, all sense and reason goes out the window.  I am also unable to get out of bed, apparently.  After adapting a few exercises and still working out all week without complicating my injury, I further irritated my back yesterday by…sitting up in bed.  It’s true.  I can lift weights but cannot sit…it is an advanced skill.

Realizing that part  of the fun in Boot Camp is listening to everyone’s moans, groans and comments, I felt the need to add in some of the direction and inspiration we’ve been giving this week –

  • Nothing changes when you stay in bed.  Things only change when you get OUT of bed!
  • There are soooo many ways to do wall sits!
  • Hey…Wildlife ladies…it’s just a squirrel – get back to work.  Oh it’s a possum?  That changes everything…not.
  • Go…start…begin…what do you ladies understand at 6am?
  • There are those that can do…those that can’t do…and those that are questionable.  And none of you are in the last two categories!  AT LEAST  TRY THEM!
  • Remember when you said you wanted to work out your core?
  • No pressure but someone is waiting for those…
  • Please feel free to run ALL the way to your mat…
  • and my personal favorite in response to an Audible “Oh God” when he announced our doing  burpees…”Who took the Lord’s name in vain?”

Life is good.  I’m feeling less stressed and stronger.  Little black dress or Big black dress…I’m glad I got out of bed this week!

Posted by:Sheri Saretsky

I spent ten years as a single parent of three boys. I then married my wonderful husband and he was inducted into the world of boy raising. Now we get to add my peri-menopause to the mix! Its been a crazy life...one I wouldn't change a minute of....

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