Week two is down.  I weighed in today.  I have lost four pounds – none of which were muscle.  I’ll take it!  I won’t look at what I didn’t do or what I wanted to see or what I could have done to make it more.  I will celebrate the four pounds and think at this rate, I could be down 10-12 pounds at the end of the six weeks.  After hefting a ten pound kettle bell or 405292_10150719302832519_17617965_nmedicine ball for the past two weeks, I have a new understanding of what ten pounds feels like and when it’s being lifted over your head, it’s pretty stinking heavy!  Four kettle bells and I’ll be at my marriage weight.  Not stick thin, obviously, but not a weight that I’m uncomfortable with.  This would be me in 2001 – fifteen years and oh…so many pounds ago!

I also walked up the stairs today…and did not get winded.  Victory is mine!  I have conquered a flight of stairs!  (If you have ever been overweight…you know what I’m saying.   For those that have exercised their whole life…the only thing I can equate it to is your first marathon.)

I read a post from my niece this week – she is a personal trainer in Arizona.  She had several years of trying to get pregnant and the last few months on bed-rest.  It was a tough pregnancy and a tough recovery.  She is now trying to get her baby weight off from her two year old twins.  Me too…from my three boys in their twenties.  Don’t judge.  It takes some of us longer than others.  On a side note, it was supposed to be difficult for me to conceive also. Difficult in my case must be code for “if a man looks at you twice, you will bear child”.

The big question…do I still love the work out?  Yes…absolutely…in a dear God…40 seconds is forever…we’re running again?….my body doesn’t bend that way!…kind of way.  It’s good.  I feel accomplished afterward.  I feel encouraged during the workout albeit still out of breath and praying several times for 6:30 to come!  My highlight this week?  Doing one-legged butt ups (have no idea if that is even the name!) and having someone ask how to do them.  Jake responded..”look at Sheri”.  Look at me?  Seriously?  I was actually doing one of the exercises right?  Double victory!!!

I also feel like I have made progress with the Battle Ropes – no more dead gopher snakes in my hands.  I cannot salsa at the same time like one of the women yet but at least I can make it through a forty second round.  “Yet” being a most likely “never”.  I’m assuming if I have no rhythm without ropes in my hands, I won’t suddenly develop any with them.  It’s true…I’m a middle aged white woman…and my dancing is just what you would expect with that statement.

Some other things that I can tell you about joining a boot camp –

  • I still hate running…but I like it better than TRX pull-ups.  A hierarchy is good – it helps me look forward to running at least two to three times a week.
  • If you are attacked by a killer bug on your yoga mat, someone less freaked out will kill it for you.  While the bug is being killed, everyone will be distracted while you take a break from wall sits…Not that I would know that from personal experience.
  • You still can’t trust a man if he says he will time you doing wall sits if he is distracted.  (and yes…it did make it into the blog again!)
  • It is amazing how everyone is at a different fitness level but still given enough activity to keep them winded and working.  I will say Jake is quite gifted at this.  I’m constantly in awe of some of the women who work out beside me – they truly are my heroes right now as I see them pushing themselves much more than I am disciplined to do.  And yes…they are still encouraging and nice about it rather than elitist and judgmental.  Ladies…I’d buy you a drink…but we can’t have one…so I’ll say cheers to you with my green smoothie in the morning!
  • I remember watching a seizure at one point and being shocked at how long 60 seconds was.  40 seconds of TRX pullups, dirty dogs or leg lifts is just as shocking.  I swear Jake has a defective watch.  I plan to buy him a new one that I have personally calibrated.  Of course, the workout will be done in 15 minutes, however, so I think that will only work once.

I discovered last night that I will be working until 10pm for the next few weeks.   So…..I will still be there in the morning – that I am committed to.  I just won’t be awake.  This may work to my benefit since the workout will be over before I am truly conscious.    If you find me asleep on my mat, please just put a kettle bell in my hand so at least it looks like I’m doing some fancy planks.

Have a great weekend!





Posted by:Sheri Saretsky

I spent ten years as a single parent of three boys. I then married my wonderful husband and he was inducted into the world of boy raising. Now we get to add my peri-menopause to the mix! Its been a crazy life...one I wouldn't change a minute of....

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