How pliable is your car door?

This memory popped up today and thought I would revisit the age old argument – who are the better drivers…Men or Women?

Mothering, Marriage and Menopause

Men and women drive differently.  I tend to believe that men drive by looking straight ahead.   If it is not in front of them, it does not exist.  Women use additional perceptions..such as peripheral vision.  This may be tied to our pension for multi-tasking.

This is frequently a topic of disagreement in my marriage.  Eric believes that men are safer drivers.  I, since not only having peripheral vision but tending to use it, believe that women are safer.  This becomes glaringly evident whenever we drive together.  Eric would love for me to take a nap whenever I get in the car.  I tend to indulge him if for no reason than I don’t get out with a leg cramp from hitting the imaginary brake.

Nurses are all about data – and this is where my argument falls apart.  Eric has been in two accidents since we got married – both from…

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Mother’s Day Memories

I read a post on Shallow Reflections that sent a flood of memories of my own mother. She passed away 17 years ago and I still remember so many amazing things about her. I don't believe my mother ever slept. She stayed up to all hours of the night making crafts. She sewed dolls, painted ceramics, made … Continue reading Mother’s Day Memories

My Home Gym Shopping Habit

If you have read my earlier blogs, you know I hurt my back by blowing my nose a few months ago. Apparently, it happens...especially when you are over fifty and have chronic nasal congestion. While I've enjoyed the time with my Physical Therapist, stopping my exercise in the morning has been detrimental to my hips...belly...arms...psyche. … Continue reading My Home Gym Shopping Habit

My Body – The War Zone

It’s happened – I’ve reached the age where I can’t deny the changes in my face and body.  They’ve come for me – like a free fall from a cliff but without the bungee cord.  I’m not young and cute anymore – but so not ready to be labeled old and wise (notice that old … Continue reading My Body – The War Zone

Who Needs Oxygen Anyway?

So my back injury seems to be on the mend. I'm down to one day a week at the PT office and seriously thinking of investing in a Teeter.  I've become a traction fan.  Every visit, I lay on my back with my knees bent, and the PT puts a band under my calves, grabs … Continue reading Who Needs Oxygen Anyway?

How Did You Get There?

The one thing that can always be counted on as a parent of multiple will at some point lose one. Actually, you're an excellent parent if you only lose one...and still a good parent if after losing one...or two...or three...they all still end up with you before bedtime. I am not an excellent parent … Continue reading How Did You Get There?

Why You Need Good Friends

  Friendships are important at any age. I've been truly blessed to be surrounded by some amazing women and men over the years. They have carried me through a myriad of issues over the years and continue to provide me stability when I'm surrounded by insanity. One of my friends compares me to Lucille Ball or … Continue reading Why You Need Good Friends